About Us

The UK SETI Research Network (UKSRN) is a group of UK academics at a number of institutions who are active in the field of the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence.  Set up in 2013 with Lord Martin Rees as patron, its purpose is to promote academic SETI activity in the UK.

There is a small but active group of SETI researchers in the UK who need a forum to discuss their work. Further, we hope that the existence of the group will excite interest in researchers in all disciplines to consider how their ideas can contribute to the field.

We also hope that by exposing the whole range of UK SETI activities to the community it will promote improved understanding of the discipline.  UK SETI activity is mostly unfunded by research councils and other funding bodies.  It is our hope that in time this will change, and that SETI science will mature as a legitimate discipline, as astrobiology has.

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